XI Competition of Academic Choirs JUVENTUS 2019

Winners of JUVENTUS 2019

1st place – Vilnius University mixed choir “Gaudeamus“.

2nd  place – Vilnius University female choir “Virgo” and mixed choir “Ave Vita” of Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy.

3rd place – academic choir “Neris” of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, mixed choir “Vivere Cantus” of Vytautas Magnus University, Female Chamber Choir of Vytautas Magnus University.


"Juventus 2019" rules and regulations

  • The 11th international competition of academic choirs “Juventus 2019“ will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 12-14 April, 2019.
  • The main objectives are to cherish traditions of “Juventus” international competitions, improve skills of choral singing and develop creative communication among international academic choirs.

Competition structure

  • “Juventus 2019“ competition has mandatory a cappella program.

Participation regulations

  • Only academic choirs with amateur singers (no less than 16 people), consisting from at least 75% of students may apply. Professional and solo singers are not allowed to perform during the competition.
  • Only amateur choirs may participate in competition (not choirs from musical high schools).
  • Every participant choir performs live a cappella programme.
  • Every choir participating in competition also performs one freely chosen (that may or may not be a part of competition programme) song in “Juventus 2019” opening concert on April 12.
  • Any choir might be disqualified from competition for violation of any rule listed in Rules and Regulations.
  • Participants may also perform an optional 10-15 minutes length sacred music repertoire of their choice in one of Kaunas churches.

Mandatory program a cappella

  • The programme of each choir should obligatory include:
    • Mandatory song – Z. Bružaitė „Ave Maria“;
    • Choral piece composed in 20th – 21st century;
    • National song;
    • Freely chosen choral piece.
  • The total duration of choir’s performance on the stage should not exceed 15 minutes, including pauses between pieces.
  • All pieces are sung a cappella, without using microphones and unaccompanied.
  • Submitted competition program cannot be changed after applicant choir is approved for participation in the competition.
  • The order of the performed songs is up to the conductor’s choice.
  • Participants, with an exception for choir conductor, are not allowed to enter competition hall for a rehearsal before the competition.
  • The order of the choirs’ performance will be chosen by lot, drawn by a Commission appointed by the organizers.

The choirs’ performances will be evaluated by an International Jury, consisting of 5 persons.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Singing technique and sound quality;
  • Intonation and rhythm;
  • Expression and stylistics;
  • Program choice, its dramaturgy.

Choir evaluation varies from 50 to 100 points.

  • 1 point for every additional 15 seconds of performance will be withdrawn from the total result of each choir who does not comply total duration of performance rule.
  • The Jury decisions are final and irrevocable. The Jury does not provide any written explanations.
  • The Jury has the right not to award first, second or third place at all, in case there are no choirs that scored over the minimum points mark for that place.
  • The Commission’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.
  • I place – Golden Diploma (95–100 points) and 1000€.
  • II place – Silver Diploma (90–95 points) and 800€ (two II places).
  • III place – Bronze Diploma (85–90 points) and 600€ (three III places).

The Jury may award additional special prizes.

  • Choirs wishing to take part in the competition should submit an application before 25th January 2019 by e-mailing
  • Participation fee is 150€.
  • Applicant choirs will receive an email with confirmation from the organizers before the 1st February 2019.
  • Until 28th February 2019 every confirmed participant choir must:
  • transfer registration fee (150€) to the organizers bank account;
  • send by e-mail scanned or electronic bank check attached, that confirms the transfer;
  • send an email with a digital photo of the choir in good quality (at least 1024×768 pixels) and short description of the choir (approx. half of the page);
  • During the competition participants must submit 5 printed black and white copies of each choral piece selected for the choir’s competition programme, which are non-refundable and remain in the archive of a festival.
  • The organizers do not cover choirs’ accommodation, food or any other expenses.
  • The organizers reserve all rights to any video and audio recordings, made during the competition, and its publishing and distribution.


Jury Chairman – composer, conductor Vaclovas Augustinas (Lithuania).

Jury members:
Professor, conductor Povilas Gylys (Lithuania).
Associate Professor at the Music Academy of Vytautas Magnus University, composer Zita Bružaitė (Lithuania).
Conductor, leader of several choirs Darius Zimnickas (Poland).
Composer, Choir specialist in Lithuanian National Cultural Center Donatas Zakaras (Lithuania).



  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Academic Choir “Neris” (Choir leader Tomas Lapinskas).
  • Vytautas Magnus University Mixed choir “Vivere Cantus” (Choir leader Rolandas Daugėla).
  • Vilnius University Girls’ Choir “Virgo” (Choir leader Rasa Gelgotienė).
  • Vytautas Magnus University Academic Mixed Choir “Ave Vita” (Choir leader Kastytis Barisas).
  • Vilnius University Mixed Academic Choir “Gaudeamus” (Choir leader Rasa Gelgotienė).
  • Vytautas Magnus University Girls’ Chamber Choir (Choir leader Viktoras Masevičius).
  • Kaunas University of Technology Academic Choir “Jaunystė” (Choir leader Danguolė Beinarytė).


Participants’ applications will be accepted until 2019 January 25th inclusive. Be sure to read the terms of the competition before completing and submitting your application.


Participation fee

Until 28th February 2019 every confirmed participant choir must transfer registration fee (150€) to the organizers bank account and send by e-mail scanned or electronic bank check attached, that confirms the transfer.

Details for transfer:

Kaunas University of Technology
Address: K. Donelaičio St. 73, 44249 Kaunas, Lithuania
Company code: 111950581, VAT code: LT119505811, phones: +370 (37) 300 000, 300 421, fax +370 (37) 324 144, email:

Make transfer to bank account:

LT387044060003104481, AB SEB bank, SWIFT: CBVILT2X
The purpose of payment:
participant fee for “Juventus 2019” (internal account SU0320006)

Have any questions?

Please, contact organizer of the competition, art director Danguolė Beinarytė.
Phone: +370 675 95560,



Participant choirs will spend two nights in Kaunas during the competition. The organizers of “Juventus 2019” do not cover accommodation or food expenses. However, according to information provided in your application form, organizers will make required amount of hotel or hostel reservations.
In case you choose to book accommodation on your own, the organizers recommend to select hotel or hostel located near Kaunas State Philharmonic (L. Sapiegos street 5, LT – 44252, Kaunas) and III Building of Kaunas University of Technology (Laisvės av. 13, LT-44238, Kaunas), where main competition events will take place. Early booking of accommodation is highly recommended, since plentiful amount of participants and guests is expected during the competition.

Search and book hotels in Kaunas (1)
Search and book hotels in Kaunas (2)
Search and book hotels in Kaunas (3)



Organizer of the competition:

KTU Academic Choir JAUNYSTE
Laisvės av. 13-507
LT-44238 Kaunas

Organizer and art director
Danguolė Beinarytė

Phone +370 675 95560


Founder of the prize for the 1st place